Le Jardin Academy is an inclusive learning environment that aims to increase access and engagement in learning for our students by identifying and removing barriers.

Learning Support Pathway


Learning Support Pathway

This system of steps to enhanced learning support has been created to address specific student need for learning support and/or school counseling at Le Jardin Academy. It should be noted that all students will be supported by their classroom teachers in partnership with the school counselor and administration in Steps 1 and 2, through communication, differentiation and best teaching practices. Steps 3 and 4 are supports at varying degrees involving classroom teachers, learning support coordinators, parents, and administrative faculty.

Created by LJA Learning Support Team 2013/14; Updated 2015


Step One: School Wide Support for All Students

Required Support (Teachers)

-Differentiation : Varied delivery of content, varied modes of instruction (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, verbal, multisensory), variety of formative and summative tasks

-Best Practices in Teaching

-Documentation of Concerns and Celebrations on MS/HS Student Document

If student is not doing as well academically as anticipated, teacher should implement Tier Two Support Strategies


Step Two: Classroom Support


Required Support:

-Teachers Meet with Student

-Teachers Contact Parents: email, parent-teacher conference, summary of conference shared with Learning Support Team

– Documentation of Concerns and Celebrations on MS/HS Student Document

Suggested Strategies:

-Change seating closer to teacher and visuals

-Check student planner daily

-Binder/Backpack/Locker Check

– Academic Lunch, extra study hall after school (supervised)

-Refer student to Peer tutoring

-Extra set of textbooks for home use

-Teachers provide a printed or digital copy of class notes/slides/tutorials

-Allow Students to take tests in a quiet, distraction free environment (e.g. LS office)

-Chunking assignments into smaller pieces with separate deadlines

-Audio to Visual format, or Visual to Audio format

NON-RESPONSIVE to Step Two: If student does not respond within 3 weeks of implementation, refer student to Learning Support Coordinator and/or School Counselor

RESPONSIVE to Step Two: Teachers will continue to implement successful interventions.


Step Three: Learning Support Intervention

(LSC and Teachers)

-Diagnosed Disability: Any student with a diagnosed learning disability is a tier three student. Learning Support Coordinators (LSC) will create a Learning Support Plan relevant to the diagnosis. Learning Support Plan (LSP) accommodations are our legal responsibility to provide.

– Disability Suspected: Learning Support Coordinator (LSC) will administer further tests with parent permission, or recommend parents have student evaluated by an Educational Evaluation Specialist.

– No Disability Suspected: LSC will create a plan of action which may include conferences, classroom observations, and a Learning Support Plan with recommendations only.

NON-RESPONSIVE to Step Three: If student does not respond (as determined by Learning Support Coordinators) to Tier Three Strategic Support and/or LSP, LSC will meet with Admin and Student’s parents to discuss options including those in Tier Four.

RESPONSIVE to Step Three: Teachers and LSC will continue implementing Learning Support Plans and revisit to update as necessary.


Step Four: Intensive Support

(Counselor, Learning Support, Administration, Outside Providers)   

Administration will meet with parents and student to create a family contract which may require:

–  Subject-specific private tutoring

–  Remediated Tutoring (e.g.Orton-Gillingham, Multi-sensory Math, etc)

-Intensive in-school Counseling

– Referral to Private counseling when appropriate

– Summer School for re-admittance

NON-RESPONSIVE to Step Four: If student does not respond to Step Four Interventions, Student will meet with Admin and Student’s parents to discuss options which may include behavioral or academic contracts, or referrals for individualized education.



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