Le Jardin Academy is an inclusive learning environment that aims to increase access and engagement in learning for our students by identifying and removing barriers.

Learning Support at LJA

The Learning Support Program at Le Jardin Academy is in place to support students with diagnosed learning disabilities and/or with specific learning needs. We believe that every student can achieve academic confidence and success with specific accommodations, and through differentiated instruction and assessment. We work as a team with Teachers, Students, Parents, our LJA Counselor, and the administration to provide tailored, balanced, and effective support for each student.

This blog was created by Catherine Morrison and Juniper Krog, Learning Support Coordinators at Le Jardin Academy, on the island of Oahu. Catherine is now continuing her work at the International School of Prague, and Juniper welcomes Cheryl Herndon as the new Le Jardin High School Learning Support Coordinator.  Our goal for this blog is to gather current information on learning differences and disabilities for teachers, parents, and students. We envision this as a “go-to” for our school community to learn more about learning disabilities, cultivate inclusiveness and authentic appreciation for neurological diversity, and spark discussion with the intention of better serving our diverse learning population. cropped-le-jardin-academy-large.jpg


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