Executive Function Disorder (EFD), Explained!

Thanks to High School Learning Support Coordinator Cheryl Herndon for this post via Executive Function Disorder (EFD), Explained!.

Executive Function is described in the above link as the ability to analyze, plan, organize, develop, adjust, and complete a task in an efficient way. Of course we are all, even as adults, honing our executive functioning abilities, but there is a normative level of executive functioning that enables us to create reasonable expectations for students in a school environment, such as expecting students to remember where they have put their homework, or knowing how to plan for future completion of work by writing down assignments in a planner. When students demonstrate difficulty over time with executive functioning skills, they may undergo testing do determine if they are experiencing “EFD”, or executive Functioning Disorder- in which case there are various strategies and tech tools that can be implemented to assist with executive functioning skills.

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