“Flat Iron Pedagogy: Affective Data Meets Differentiation” (Amy Burvall)

A MUST READ: What follows are thoughts on differentiating assessments and pre-assessments from Le Jardin’s own Amy Burvall, a DP Theory of Knowledge instructor and tech extraordinaire. This is a great example of the creativity involved in approaching differentiation. Great differentiation techniques require inspiration, and the best inspiration are your students themselves- their strengths, their affinities, their way of naturally meeting information. Technology is (arguably) the most “natural” way that students share information, so integrating it into the classroom as a tool for communication just makes sense. Technology is constantly evolving -and differentiating(!)- to meet the many different demands of users. As teachers, it is almost imperative to keep up. Read on:

Flat Iron Pedagogy: Affective Data Meets Differentiation.

Le Jardin Academy Learning Support Grades 6-12: Accommodations

The following is a link to a blog by Nicole Silver, a former Learning Support Coordinator here at LJA. It has some helpful information in it, and while it was written in 2011, I think much of it is still very relevant to the work we are continuing to do now, three years later. Enjoy:

Le Jardin Academy Learning Support Grades 6-12: Accommodations.